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5 things you need to know about Cebu’s 10000 roses cafe

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Have you heard about the trending and newly opened cafe in Cebu? I know you have seen some of this place’s fascinating photos throughout your social media feeds. If ever you’re hitting Cebu, here are the things you ought to know before visiting the cunning 10000 roses cafe ! ❤


1.) It’s just few minutes away from Mactan Cebu International Airport

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This cafe is just 15-20 minutes from Mactan Cebu International Airport. Located in municipality of Cordova, Cebu Province, it won’t hurt your butt waiting to see this beautiful scenery. 😀 Through the help of Sea to Summit Travelers , we were able to arrive smoothly. Albeit there are taxis around the airport, you’ll be rubbing your elbows with the other passengers. So it would be better to book a private car service ahead of time for a hassle-free travel. If your hotel is in the heart of Cebu city, it would be a lot easier to turn the wheels straight to the cafe first—i.e, if you want to save your precious time. 😀

2. It has seaside viewing deck.



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10000 roses cafe is a truly brilliant idea for Miguel Cho to set the illuminating white flowers and the view of the sea in the same place. I find it a romantic site, heart-melting and worth of instagram photos. HAHA. 😀  There are two decks to enjoy your stay: (a) the upper deck,  at second floor of the cafe and (b) the open lower deck, near the borders of the waters.  I’ll assure you, you’ll love it. ❤


3. It has a very affordable entrance fee


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Some others say it’s an entrance fee, but the cafe claims it’s a maintenance fee. When 10000 Roses Cafe Cebu first opened last February 2017, a lot of flowers were damaged because the visitors tend to step on them. Sad truth. 😦  It was then closed for several days to patch up the parcels. The local government of Cordova have seen the potential of the cafe to entice tourists and decided to set the amount of 20 pesos per person/entry as a maintenance fee. For senior citizens and locals of Cordova, it’s totally free!


4. It’s inspired by Dongdaemun Display Plaza in Seoul, South Korea


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No need to spend thousands and fly to Seoul just to see these 20,000 flowers glowing at night. Korea brought these to Philippines for us to enjoy. Dongdaemun Display Plaza (DDP) has been featured into a lot Korean dramas such ‘She Was Pretty’ (2015) and My Love From A Star (2013), attracting various fans from different places. ❤

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Here’s our own version of Dongdaemun Plaza. :D. Just release the inner model in you, imagine you’re in Seoul and you’ll be fine.

5.  It offers a sumptuous menu


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I tried to sip a cup of coffee, stay inside for a while because it was pretty humid and hot outside. Haha. 😀 Nakakapagod pa lang maging model. LOL. Menu is a little bit expensive, but I believe the price range 150-500 is just right for this unique place. Of course, they have WiFi connection and sockets just like any other cafes. 🙂

Photo courtesy of www.keysandtell.com

     I found the view of this place really beautiful. Day and night, with and without LED lights.

Tip: If you come by 10:30-5 pm, there will be lesser people. As sunset and night approaches, more and more visitors flock. So be prepared:D. Nevertheless, just chill and enjoy!

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