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Canyoneering Badian South Cebu

How to get to Kawasan Falls

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Kawasan Falls

     BADIAN, Cebu, Philippines – Right in the heart of central Philippines lies a three-tiered waterfall. If you long for good walks or to do some soul-searching, Kawasan Falls is definitely a good choice! It brags its bluest of the blue waters which is a totally perfect view for canyoneering. To be exact, people are curious about its water’s turquoise color, a transition color of blue and green.

    People are ecstatic about visiting the place and social media has played its role in amplifying the curiosity about the place. Local and foreign tourists adore its own brand of downstream canyoneering. Because of this, numerous adventure-seekers go to Southern Cebu for the past year.

    Kawasan falls never fails to bring out the sweetest smiles of the visitors. Even after they visit the place, there is no wonder that they long of going back to the place. Enchanting, it really is. It was like the place took a part of your soul and you always wanted to go back to the place.

How to Get to Kawasan Falls

From Cebu City to Kawasan Falls

    Buses are available at the South Bus Terminal. It travels from the city proper of Cebu to Kawasan Falls. You can ride buses that go to Bato via Barili. It is important to note that you should not take other bus routes aside from Bato via Barili. Other buses go to Bato via Oslob which is actually in the eastern part of Cebu. Kawasan falls is located in the west.

   You can ask the guard or the bus driver himself if you have questions on the route of the bus. Cebu has one hospitable and friendly people; feel free to ask them anything. Upon entering the bus, try to ask the bus conductor or even the driver, to notify you how long the ride is going to be. They will tell you the probable time of arrival.

   I rode a yellow-colored bus that is under the Ceres company. You can also take ride in buses from different companies. Some of them run the same route. The rate of air-conditioned buses there is 150 pesos as of March 2016. The entire ride takes about 3 hours but it is subject to change since it is traffic in some places of Cebu. The time of arrival really varies on how much traffic there is.

From Oslob to Kawasan Falls

   If you are situated in Oslob, you could try taking a bus to Bato. Transfer to another bus that heads to Badian or Cebu City via Barili. It takes around 1 and a half hours and it costs you about 100 pesos.

From Moalboal to Kawasan Falls


   Moalboal is also a go-to place in Cebu. You can ride a habal-habal, Tricycle or bus from here. It is quite an easy ride from here. It will not cost you much due to its short proximity from Kawasan Falls.

Arriving at Kawasan Falls


   The place asks for an admission fee which costs 40 pesos. You can start by following a 10-minute trail. In there, you get to see the first waterfall. It is the largest and most popular among the other waterfalls of the place. People often refer this as the Kawasan Falls. The place is very much like the picture but the feels is different when you are right there personally. Due to a lot of people visiting the place, it is not that serene as you think. The place looks calm in pictures but in reality, the place is surrounded by tables and chairs. Restaurants, as well as sellers, are also present there. Sellers offer bamboo rafting or their restaurant delicacies.

   Although it is not as peaceful as it is in the pictures, it is still a beautiful place to visit and enjoy. Definitely a place to swim and do some canyoneering!
Waterfall Number Two and Three

   Right after the first waterfall, there are stairs that lead up to the second waterfall. You will find there a small-sized waterfall that offers the same crystal clear water like in the first waterfall. If you want a more serene place, visit this waterfall and do not forget to do some canyoneering.

   If you really want some adventure in your trip, you can go all the way up there in the third waterfall. The way there is quite steep and the waterfall is tiny. In my opinion, it is better not to go there or else you’ll end up disappointed with all your efforts to go up there.

Things to Do Near Kawasan Falls


Badian Canyoneering, Moalboal/Pescador Island Hopping, Osmeña Peak, Mainit Hot Spring

Side Trips

   Just 20 minutes from Kawasan Falls, Moalboal is one of the top most visited tourist destinations in Cebu. It is famous for diving and snorkeling with a nearby island called Pescador Island that has enchanting underwater scenery.

Where to Stay in Badian, Cebu


   There are cottage rentals available which costs 1,500 to 2,000 pesos. Rooms are also for rent which are situated just in front of the waterfall. If you are planning in advance, you can book at Guesthouse F Alegre Travellers Inn which is a cheap option. If you want a more comfortable room, you can take a look at Hotel Costa De Leticia Resort and Spa.

Tour Package

If you want hassle free trip you can avail Tour Package and Car Rentals.
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Kalanggaman Island

North Cebu Best Destinations

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North Cebu

As one of the ravishing countries with terrific nature and beautiful islands that are yet to be explored, Philippines captured the hearts of the tourists from various places. As cited by the Philippine government’s official tourism website, as of January 2017, Koreans take the top spot for the total arrivals in the country, amounting to 154,367. USA turned out to be the second with 99,435 visitors and arrivals from China surged swiftly to 85,948.

Kalanggaman Island

It’s not part of north Cebu but you can get here by going to north Cebu
How to get there?
From Cebu Port, ride a taxi to go to Pier 3. In pier 3, there’s a SuperCat (2 hours trip) going to Ormoc which costs 600 Php or a ship to Palompon which costs 495 Php (4 hours trip).

Paradise found! . Photo by @aer_rocks introducing #SiLeyte

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Facilities and Activities
The island has a total length of 753m, still uninhabited, with no business resorts owners. The signature turquoise waters and the sand bar can feed your eyes with an unforgettable sight. The local government agreed to limit the number of tourists visiting the place to 500 per day to ensure the conservation of its natural alluring view. So better fix your schedule ahead of time. There are basic facilities provided for the visitors for overnight stays. No need to think of security issues, because local police officers are on duty 24 hours in Kalanggaman! So ditch those peppermint sprays. 😉

We had a perfect day at KALANGGAMAN 💙💚💜 #kalanggamanisland #malapascua

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Banytayan Island

How to get there?
From Mactan International Airport, go to Cebu North Bus Terminal and get on a bus that will take you to Hagnaya Port (Non-air costs 132 Php while the Air-con bus costs 170). You also need to pay the port terminal fee (10 Php).
The bus ride is approximately 2 and ½ hour with stopovers. When you reach the Hagnaya Port, it will take you 1 and ½ hours to reach Bantayan Island via ro-ro ride (costs 170-185 Php).

suns out, buns out

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Facilities and Activities
There are plenty of beaches to choose from such as Paradise Beach, Marikaban Beach, Kota Beach Resort (the location of the movie ‘Camp Sawi’) , St. Bernard resort and Santa Fe Beach club.
You can also drop by Bontay Baywalk, take a rest in the virgin island or have a great outdoor adventure through skydive.
Must try restaurants include the Floating Bar, Bantayan Burrito Company, Shake me and Caffe del Mare.

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South Cebu

South Cebu Destinations

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From the structures presenting cultural heritage (e.g. Fort Santiago, Luneta, etc.) down to the pristine beaches (thanks to Palawan, Siargao and Boracay), foreigners are always exhilarated to explore ‘The Pearl of the Orient Seas’. But wait, there’s more! There are emerging travel destinations soaring the online portals. Have you been to the stunning shoaling sardines of Moalboal? How about the incredible view of our friendly whale sharks? Or the heart-stirring canyoneering adventure in Badian? Everything in the South Cebu! . Yes, Southern part of Cebu.

To arrange your trip or joined tour schedules and enjoy a hassle-free vacation, book with us through Nomadlist Adventures website or Sea to Summit Travelers’ Facebook page.

1. Jump your worries through Badian’s rip-roaring Canyoneering

Canyoneering Badian South Cebu

For all fellas out there who wish to take their vacation to the next level, how about some extraordinary leap of faith in Kawasan Falls? This 3-hour ride from Cebu City caught the eyes of more tourists after it was tagged as ‘one of the most exciting adventures in the Philippines’ by a local TV travel program ‘Biyahe ni Drew’ last 2014. Drew Arellano, even said that his Cebu trip was one of the best trips he ever had in his nearly-decade career as a travel host.

For a fixed rate of Php 1,500 as mandated by Cebu’s government, inclusions are entrance fees, habal-habal ride (from the start point of canyoneering site), helmet, life vest, 500ml water, and a picnic lunch after the activity— a cheap cost for a 4-5 hours memorable journey.[/caption]

Canyoneering Badian South Cebu
There are a lot of slippery areas so be sure your foot wears got strong grips. There are high and low jumps so it is much recommended to prepare yourself as well. This outdoor activity best fits for those who love extremes. If you are, then you will find this really fun

There are a lot of slippery areas so be sure your foot wears got strong grips. There are high and low jumps so it is much recommended to prepare yourself as well. This outdoor activity best fits for those who love extremes. If you are, then you will find this really fun!

2. Dive with the exquisite scenery of Moalboal Sardines run

Moalboal might be a small town, but can offer you huge surprises, one of the best spots in South Cebu. You can reach this serene paradise after a 2-hour drive from Cebu City. As like how the locales advise, it is best to visit the place from November to April since waves are not strong and water levels are better. Either by Snorkeling or SCUBA diving, it would be a unique memory in your lifetime to witness a shoaling millions of sardines. By the way, you need to prepare your GoPros and cameras ahead because these adorable creatures move really quick! 😀 By the way, there are restaurants nearby, with lots of sumptuous meals to offer. So you’ve got no problem. 

Through boating, you will reach a particular part called ‘Panagsama reef’ where approximately millions of sardines flock and swim together. Any tourist would say you really need to jump your ass off the boat and feel the touch of the sea. 😀 If you want to make your trip special, don’t just sit there and don’t just take your #feedgoals pictures. Move and see them underwater. You might feel intimidated by the massive count of the fish but no worries, most of them are small and cute. 😉 With matching sunlight, you’ll see the astonishing reflection of their shining scales: D

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3. Be friendly with sea creatures

It’s a 3-hour ride from Cebu with a lot of fun activities. You can do whale watching at Oslob on of the spots in South Cebu for 300 Php , snorkeling for 500 Php (local tourists) and 1000 Php (foreign tourists). There’s more to life than bills, material things and work. We have lots of deliberately made scenery waiting to be explored. Restaurants and eateries are just around so no need to worry.

You can take a picture underwater, but don’t wear sunblock because the chemicals are harmful for the whale sharks. Moreover, don’t touch them. More reminders when you reach the place. It’s an intimidating experience, but it assures a memorable journey in your entire lifetime. 😀

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Thank you for reading! See you there at best spots of south Cebu!

10000 Roses Cafe Cebu City

5 things you need to know about Cebu’s 10000 roses cafe

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Have you heard about the trending and newly opened cafe in Cebu? I know you have seen some of this place’s fascinating photos throughout your social media feeds. If ever you’re hitting Cebu, here are the things you ought to know before visiting the cunning 10000 roses cafe ! ❤


1.) It’s just few minutes away from Mactan Cebu International Airport

Photo courtesy of

This cafe is just 15-20 minutes from Mactan Cebu International Airport. Located in municipality of Cordova, Cebu Province, it won’t hurt your butt waiting to see this beautiful scenery. 😀 Through the help of Sea to Summit Travelers , we were able to arrive smoothly. Albeit there are taxis around the airport, you’ll be rubbing your elbows with the other passengers. So it would be better to book a private car service ahead of time for a hassle-free travel. If your hotel is in the heart of Cebu city, it would be a lot easier to turn the wheels straight to the cafe first—i.e, if you want to save your precious time. 😀

2. It has seaside viewing deck.



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10000 roses cafe is a truly brilliant idea for Miguel Cho to set the illuminating white flowers and the view of the sea in the same place. I find it a romantic site, heart-melting and worth of instagram photos. HAHA. 😀  There are two decks to enjoy your stay: (a) the upper deck,  at second floor of the cafe and (b) the open lower deck, near the borders of the waters.  I’ll assure you, you’ll love it. ❤


3. It has a very affordable entrance fee


Photo courtesy of


Some others say it’s an entrance fee, but the cafe claims it’s a maintenance fee. When 10000 Roses Cafe Cebu first opened last February 2017, a lot of flowers were damaged because the visitors tend to step on them. Sad truth. 😦  It was then closed for several days to patch up the parcels. The local government of Cordova have seen the potential of the cafe to entice tourists and decided to set the amount of 20 pesos per person/entry as a maintenance fee. For senior citizens and locals of Cordova, it’s totally free!


4. It’s inspired by Dongdaemun Display Plaza in Seoul, South Korea


Photo courtesy of

No need to spend thousands and fly to Seoul just to see these 20,000 flowers glowing at night. Korea brought these to Philippines for us to enjoy. Dongdaemun Display Plaza (DDP) has been featured into a lot Korean dramas such ‘She Was Pretty’ (2015) and My Love From A Star (2013), attracting various fans from different places. ❤

Photo courtesy of

Here’s our own version of Dongdaemun Plaza. :D. Just release the inner model in you, imagine you’re in Seoul and you’ll be fine.

5.  It offers a sumptuous menu


Photo courtesy of


I tried to sip a cup of coffee, stay inside for a while because it was pretty humid and hot outside. Haha. 😀 Nakakapagod pa lang maging model. LOL. Menu is a little bit expensive, but I believe the price range 150-500 is just right for this unique place. Of course, they have WiFi connection and sockets just like any other cafes. 🙂

Photo courtesy of

     I found the view of this place really beautiful. Day and night, with and without LED lights.

Tip: If you come by 10:30-5 pm, there will be lesser people. As sunset and night approaches, more and more visitors flock. So be prepared:D. Nevertheless, just chill and enjoy!

Thank you for reading my blog! I’ll appreciate your likes, comments, shares or follows! 😀 ❤

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